Coös Coalition for Young Children and Families - Strategies and Indicators

Strategies and Indicators


The Coalition has created two overarching strategies for our work in improving healthy social and emotional outcomes for children birth through 5 in Coös County and has developed a Strategic Plan [390 KB pdf] that provides a roadmap for that work.

We summarize these strategies below, but more information about what is being done in Coös and how we are measuring progress toward our goals can be found in the "Indicator Brief" associated with each component.


The first strategy will focus on timely screening for maternal depression and yearly screening for child positive development.

  • Screening for maternal depression is important because, when untreated, depression disrupts our ability to build and maintain nurturing relationships, and children's healthy development depends on such nurturing relationships. Evidence suggests that early identification and treatment can significantly improve outcomes for parents and children. Indicator Brief [448 KB pdf]
  • Screening young children for healthy development is important so that parents can be sure that children are developing on track and, if there is a concern, can get access to identification and treatment services. Indicator Brief [407 KB pdf]

Evidence Based Curriculum

The second strategy will ensure that early childhood professionals working with young children understand and use evidence-based methods to support each child's social and emotional growth.

  • Providing training in evidence based curricula and materials for early care providers improves guidance and discipline approaches and classroom environment. Research shows that early care and educations programs that provide strong emotional support lead to more positive child outcomes. Indicator Brief [442 KB pdf]
  • Increased use of evidence based curricula in home visiting programs. Increasing access to professional development in evidence-based curricula allows home visitors to provide parents with tested strategies that help build the positive relationships and experiences essential to healthy development. Indicator Brief [326 KB pdf]

For more details about our work on these two strategies, and how we are measuring our progress, see our series of Indicator Briefs. Click on Strategic Plan [390 KB pdf] if you would like to see the plan in full.

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